Programs for Vibro Acoustic Devices

Programs for Vibro Acoustic Devices. [chairs, mats, lounges, pucks]

These highly specific frequency programs are mastered for VA devices.
  • Some are blended with nature sounds or music.
  • Some can be used simultaneously with headphones
  • You will receive specific listening and dosage instructions

We are constantly making new programs and converting to downloads and streaming.

 If you don’t see a program listed, please inquire with Dr. Jonas.  Email Dr. Jonas.

We make no medical claims with our products. Many of our programs have
been found effective in studies and we have others that are currently in
clinical trials.

WARNING: The Hi Def Download files are large. Our programs are complex and contain a lot of information so we do not compress the files, which would decrease their effectiveness. Because of the large file size, it is best to download to a computer or portable Hi-RES player (iPod or similar).

You may also want to look at our Streaming Programs.

Read this article to learn How to Cope with large files.
Click Here for an excellent article on what happens when you compress files.

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We do not ship out of the United States. Special requests can be made by contacting: