Why Our Files Are So Big

Our healing CDs are very complex with a lot of information and a very wide spectrum of frequencies [tones]. 

The WAV file format we use maintains all of the original information we put in.

If we compressed the files, the process removes many frequencies; most people don’t notice the difference. However, it is there!

And it decreases the effectiveness of our programs.

If you think of them as medicine, then you realize you don’t want to decrease the effectiveness, or why bother listening at all?

As I delve into ways to keep our Music Medicine programs pure as you listen, I’m astounded at the many variables that can affect the program. The type of player, headphones, how the CD is imported into computers and players, the sound card, and even the headphone jack all have the potential for diminishing the effectiveness of the CD. Our programs are exact and multi-layered.

So here is my list, at this time, of equipment needed to get the best experience from Music Medicine CDs and those with binaurals, whether it is our program or from the Monroe Institute or another company. As you will notice, #2 is inexpensive and it works.

1. Highest Recommended Best Quality

2. Highly Recommended

1. Original purchased CD or WAV download         

2. Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Headphones  OR AAudiotechnica ATH-M50x ,Sony MDR-7506, Sennheiser 559

3. Play through home stereo CD player OR these recommended  CD portable players

4. Play through iPod 5th generation***

3. Don't Ever Bother

1. Original purchased CD or downloaded MP3 file

2. Any brand of headphone

3. Play through computer/laptop/iPad or MP3 imported as MP3 or MP4 file**

*these reproduce our frequencies really well; you can find them on Amazon.
**most computers, laptops, iPads have dismal sound cards that cut down on authenticity and quality.
*** iPod 5th generation has a lot of space, excellent quality, AND it connects to the internet.

HIGHLY Recommeneded MP3 Players

HIGHLY Recommended Portable Speakers

Importing into iTunes

For those of you that have iTunes, here is a way to put Musical Medicine and Hemi-Sync [binaural beat] CDs on your iPod:

Take your CD and insert into your computer.
A window opens listing the tracks on the CD
At the bottom right corner, Click on the ‘Import Settings’ button.
Import Using: ‘AIFF Encoder ‘ Hit OK

Then Click on ‘Import’ button in lower right corner
When you are finished, eject the CD.
Now find the CD you just imported, and click on it.
Go to the iTUnes menu bar at the top of the screen and click on View.
Click on View Options: check “kind” ; hit OK
You will now be able to see what kind of file you just downloaded. It should say WAV or AIFF.

Drag the CD/music to your iPod Icon.
This will take more time to load than normal and will definitely take up more space on your iPod, but you will get all of your frequencies on it.

Now on the iTunes sidebar, under the iPod Icon, click on MUSIC – your list of songs on your iPod will appear.
Go to the iTUnes menu bar at the top of the screen and click on View.
Click on View Options: check ‘Kind’ ; hit OK

You should now be able to see in your iPod list of songs, what kind of files you downloaded.
The one you just downloaded should be AIFF or WAV