Tuning Fork

The Energizer

Highest quality aluminum tuning fork to assist in:

  • Unblocking energy
  • Encourage flow
  • Unitiate healing

If you could only buy one fork which one would be the best?

This fork has been years in the making. I wanted to offer my colleagues and students a fork that was easy to use and could do the most, From my years of working with frequencies I finally have arrived at one that I believe to be the most efficient since it is designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Apply the tuning fork just like any other fork, holding the stem, striking the resonators and placing the point on the body. In general, strike and apply 5x on each point; doing it several times/day.

Here are some points you might apply the Energizer:

1. Place on an appropriate acupuncture point.

2. Place on a reflexology point (we really like the Reflexology Decoder for clear info on these points)

3. Place on a point of pain/injury or around the area

4. Place on the chakra points

5. DO NOT place on 

      a. any cancerous tumor

      b. a broken bone

      c. staph infected area

      d. deep vein thrombosis

Energizer Tuning Form

This is a higher frequency fork and will need a hard rubber mallet or puck to activate it. A mallet is included FREE with your purchase!

$69 includes S&H and mallet!

Learn how to successfully apply tuning forks, passive healing music, guided imagery, and vibro acoustics at

American Academy of Sound Therapy.

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B. McCarthy. Maryville TN
B. McCarthy. Maryville TN
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I woke up with a lot of cramps and lower back pain (cycle related) and had my husband use the Energizer on the recommended pressure points from our sound class. It helped so much! Then I did it again 10 minutes later on myself and the pain was completely gone!