Personal Frequencies

Sonocy: so no cee; sono (sound). The art and science of preparing and dispensing frequencies (sounds) ​

Although all human beings are similar in composition, each of our bodies is a universe unto itself that has been influenced by your life style, environment, emotions, and genetics. Quantum physics tells us that everything is vibration. This includes every part of us. And research demonstrates that our body responds to sound vibration, often with profound changes in the physical and emotional levels.

While the carefully prepared audio programs of Musical Medicine can be highly effective for many symptoms, there are times when they may be too general, i.e., you need your own personal frequency sound prescription. This is similar to the difference between an over-the-counter treatment or getting a prescription.

If you live near Inner Harmony, you can arrange for an in office voice print to see what is out of balance, get supplement recommendations, and receive a CD to begin the re-balancing process. Voice prints for emotions can be done by phone.

If you are not close to Inner Harmony (or not ready to vacation in the Smoky Mountains.), there is a new alternative which I have been refining for several years. Now there is a way of making a personal frequency program for individuals based on your list of ‘symptoms’, physical and/or emotional.

The composing process takes several hours and produces a CD with several ‘tones’ which you would listen to through headphones.

Each program will have its own length and dosage and be specific for you only. Usually the listening times have been 3x/day.

These personal frequency programs are like taking ‘medicine by ear’ [and whole body if using a vibro acoustic device]. They are precise and need to be listened to as directed to be effective. Change is often perceived within days. This depends upon the length of time you have had the issue, and the depth of emotional complicity. Often there is a quick decrease in the physical symptoms then an elevation of emotional symptoms as they begin to come to the surface.

These must be cleared to allow further change to occur – it is part of the healing process. Seeking help from a qualified therapist and/or daily journaling are excellent tools to move through this layer. [ Dr. Jonas does do phone consultations]

You can load your program onto your computer, IPod, phone, or other device as long as you import it as a WAV file, i.e., don’t compress it. Please note: it will always be most effective as a CD played on a CD player or through a vibro acoustic device. (see recommendations)


If you are interested in getting your own personal prescriptive frequency program to assist in balancing your mind/body, send me an email.

Please include some background information about yourself and your issue.

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.


Dr Jonas has offered me sound therapy on two occasions, the first a bone healing CD [Bone Builder] following a bypass operation and recently a personalized CD for a pulled leg muscle for which I was already in physiotherapy. For the leg, I had been in physical therapy two weeks before beginning the sound therapy. The physical therapist encouraged using both interventions simultaneously, and the relaxation with the CD caused a noticeable warmth sensation in the muscle during use and I suspect shortened the discomfort and hastened the cure of the muscle. With thanks, Karl Jost, TN

I had an accident that severely strained my right knee. I had very limited motion; it hurt when I walked particularly going up and down steps. When I moved my knee too far I had severe pain. I had worked with other professionals before going to Dr. Jonas and was not aware of improvement. Dr. Jonas compiled a series of personal frequencies that I use on a vibro acoustic mat daily for 20 minutes three times a day. I did so at least twice a day and sometimes a third time. I work part time and being gone all day made it difficult to always do that third session. It did not happen over night but persistence has paid off. I now have no pain when I walk including going up and down steps. I am now starting to ease back into sporting activities. Thank you Dr. Jonas! Jim Rose, TN

I have dutifully applied the [personal frequency CD through] headphones to just below the knee. Again, healing is slow but discernible, although the reason(s) are not. I am happy to give credit to your CD! Thank you so much Suzanne. Michael Singh, CA 1/2017

I am still going well with coping with the light and noise of going out i.e. for shopping, thanks to those earlier tones.

I am loving my new tones (2nd set)! They are comforting and somehow make me feel very safe – especially the lower / underlying vibration. Tori Jackson, Australia