How to Use Musical Medicine Frequency Infused CDS

The frequencies (tones, NOT music) on our CDs are carefully chosen to assist your mind – body in creating healthful changes. They are NOT a substitute for regular medical care.


  • The tones work best when listened to through headphones; they are greatly enhanced by listening through a sound table or chair.
  • Listening through speakers does give an effect
  • Do not have on any other ambient noise: stereo, radio, TV, AC
  • Each CD has specific recommendations


The effectiveness of these CDs depends upon several factors:

Delivery System – the most effective way to receive your frequencies is on the sound table, mat, or in the sound chair.
The second best way we know of at this time, is a pillow transducer placed at the bottom of your feet or on the area of the body that needs it most. These can be ordered at: www. (please let them know you came from this site)
The third best way is through a good quality set of headphones or subwoofer. We recommend the Titanium Pro 35 headphones sold at Radio Shack
The last way to get your frequencies would be through your stereo speakers. There are some CDs that are effective played this way: Oxygenator, Stress Buster, Digest Aid, Autism, ADD, and Well Being.

Depth of change required. If you have had a dis-ease for years, it may, but not always, take more time to enable the change.
Consistency of Listening. Think of these CDs as a medication: they need to be listened to regularly.
Your Intent. I can’t say enough about this one. If your intent is to truly release your dis-ease (energy blockages) and accept change, then you will more than likely receive beneficial benefits from using these CDs.


The CDs are produced with state of the art technologies. They are accurate to 0.00.
If you are having trouble playing a CD it is most likely a problem with your CD player. Please try a different model before contacting us.

You may also want to read the CD Instructions.

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