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Can I Put My Musical Medicine CDs on an iPOD?

I am continually asked if our CDs can be put on MP3 players.

I have had to do a great deal of reconfiguration of our base frequencies so they work on CDs.

Here is the story:

Instructions for Physical CD’s

Our CDs are very complex with a lot of information and a very wide spectrum of frequencies [tones]

When you go to put a CD on an MP3, the program compresses the music, i.e. removes many frequencies; most people don’t notice the difference. However, it is there! According to a recent article in Discover Magazine, “as much as 85 percent of what is actually recorded [is left out]”. June 2011 p.24.

 I figured that there must be a way to do it without compression.

According to Apple, if you do it with their LossLess program, there is no compression. However, in talking with some sound recording engineers, they find there is some, if not a lot. But with our CDs, we don’t want you to lose anything.

Now for the GOOD NEWS: There is a simple way to import without compression.

iTunes Instructions

For those of you that have iTunes, here is a way to put our complex CDs on your iPod without losing any of our specific frequencies and effectiveness:

  • Take your CD and insert into your computer.
  • In the iTunes menu bar click on iTunes, then Preferences, then General.
  • Click on the Import Setting button.
  • Import Using: WAV Encoder
  • Hit OK. Then hit OK on the Preferences/General window.
  • Then download your CD as usual
  • When you are finished, eject the CD.
  • Now find the CD you just imported, and click on it.
  • GO to the iTunes menu bar at the top of the screen and click on View.
  • Click on View Options: check “kind” ; hit OK.

You will now be able to see what kind of file you just downloaded. It should say WAV.

  • Drag the CD/music to your iPod Icon.

This will take more time to load than normal and will definitely take up more space on your iPod, but you will get all of your frequencies and special sounds/overtones on it.

  • Now on the iTunes sidebar, under the iPod Icon, click on MUSIC – your list of songs on your iPod will appear.
  • Go to the iTunes menu bar at the top of the screen and click on View.
  • Click on View Options: check ‘Kind’ ; hit OK.

You should now be able to see in your iPod list of songs, what kind of files you downloaded. The one you just downloaded should be a WAV.

Instructions for Downloadable Programs

When you purchase a Downloadable Program from us the files are enclosed in a “zip” folder. You will need to “extract” these files before you can play them.

The simplest way to get the files to work with your device is to download the zip folder to a normal PC or Mac first and then extract the files, save the files on your computer and transfer the files into iTunes:

1) Click on the download link in the confirmation email and then ‘Save’ (do not click on ‘Open’)


Please throw your earbuds away – they are causing hearing damage. Scroll down this link to read the research.

A great set of headphones for your Mp3 is the KOSS KTXPRO 1 Titanium.

They are light weight, have a volume control knob in the wire from the headphones to player, reproduce our frequencies well, AND you won’t have to take out a loan.  They have an excellent frequency range of 15-25,000 HZ which is perfect for our Healing Tones CDs

You may also want to read How to Use These CD’s.

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