Is IPOD a 4 letter Word?

“Music is a double edged sword,” said Shakespeare. “It hath power to do harm or good….” I’m writing this as I listen to some music specifically composed to stimulate maximum productivity, and I’m listening on my IPOD. It makes the music so much fun to hear…like being in the middle of the musicians. (I used […]

Are Bone Conduction headphones useful?

 Here are Some Facts: Are they useful for Musical Medicine Programs?We bought several pair of the Aftershokz AS400  to experiment and test. Our results show that these headphones increase the effectiveness of these Musical Medicine programs:Bone Builder                        Etheric SweepImmunizer                            Oxygenizing TonesParkinson’s Nature               ResonanceShoulder Repair                   Spinal EaseTuning Up AND our 2 NEWEST programs are designed specifically for BC headphones:  HEART […]

Introducing SONOCY

A place where  frequency programs for medical and therapeutic purposes are composed and dispensed. Although all human beings are similar in composition, each of our bodies is a universe unto itself that has been influenced by your life style, environment, emotions, and genetics.  Quantum physics tells us that everything is vibration. This includes every part […]

Can we trust scientific research?

Science is often flawed. Did you realize that? I just read a very well written article of 2015, in which the authors set out to find out what has happened in the scientific research world to produce such variable outcomes that are so prevalent today. The article begins with a look at social psychologist Dr. Stapel at Tilburg […]

3 Easy Ways to Live Your Life in Grace

 If you look like this  YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! Every time you become angry, frustrated, anxious, your body instantly responds by releasing a variety of chemicals in your body to help you escape from the imaginary tiger that is after you. All of these organs respond in an attempt to keep you safe: If this […]

What is Sound Healing Podcasts!

A three part series that follows my journey into the world of sound healing,explores sound as a healing modality and the basic uses of sound for healing today.Just follow the link below to get started. Musical Medicine Podcasts

Play Music to Your Plants!

In Siena, Italy wine maker Carlo Cignozzi plays Mozart, Beethoven and even some Mahler over loud speakers to his grapes. Daft you say? Well,according to Cignozzi, playing Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ and Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons,’ his grapes matured within 10 to 14 days, instead of the usual 20 days. The alcohol content also became higher due […]

America is Going Deaf.

Sound pollution has become a serious area of study with environmental engineers. Although I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, I was blessed with extreme quietness while spending time in the boundary waters in Northern Minn. last summer. All I heard was lapping water, the occasional loon and other birds, and the wind, ie, the […]

Healing Music and Sounds for Pets

Imagine being able to play music or specific sounds that will help your animals quiet down. Did you know that early music therapy research in the 20th Century was routinely done on animals? Given these two hints, you have probably guessed that music and sounds affect animals very similarly to humans. And, they have their […]