3 Easy Ways to Live Your Life in Grace

3 Easy Ways to Live Your Life in Grace

 If you look like this 


Every time you become angry, frustrated, anxious, your body instantly responds by releasing a variety of chemicals in your body to help you escape from the imaginary tiger that is after you.

All of these organs respond in an attempt to keep you safe:

  • Hypothalamus
  • Adrenals
  • Thyroid
  • Digestive Tract
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Blood
  • Skin
  • Senses

If this high level response continues on a regular basis, over time your body will use up its ability to go back to normal and you will be living in a state of disease of one kind or another, like chronic headaches, heart conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis. The condition of one of my clients, Karen, (of course it is not her real name!) describes this perfectly. For 20 years she lived on adrenaline as she forced herself to do 150% in her job, run the most and farthest, eat and sleep as little as necessary, and pride herself on never having to ask for help. She is currently in hormonal collapse manifesting as extreme internal vibrations, fatigue and lack of focus, no appetite, digestive and heart issues, and anxiety.

Untangling a life of running on super fast is a challenge requiring multiple professionals; a perfect example of ‘it takes a village’ to get her back into health.

What if you didn’t have to have a physical symptom to let you know you weren’t being the best you can be?

Your 3 Steps to living in Grace (pleasing and happy manner).

1. Starting now, read The Four Agreements by Ruiz.  It is a game changer. It is the most important book that anyone could read in  how to change your responses to perceived stressors and live your daily life in an emotionally  healthy and productive manner.

2. Begin some type of daily relaxation/meditation practice. You must get your mental/physical/spiritual body reset every day. This has enormous consequences. Karen has been able to increase her focus and decrease anxiety by using several audio programs:

Deep Relaxation/Self Healing – (Scroll down the link page)

2 guided relaxation exercises, one for those who are left brain dominant, and one for right brain dominant. Both are embedded with binaural technology to assist in relaxing faster and synchronizing your hemispheres. This rarely happens in daily life, but when the whole brain is in sync – amazing things happen, like increased productivity, focus, memory and health

~  Wave 1 Discovery from the Monroe Institute – a 6 CD set that progressively    assists you into deeper and deeper states of relaxation

3.  Play our specialized stress decreasing audio programs in the background in your place of work or in the home. This will assist in keeping you more focused, less anxious, and in an all around better frame of mind so you can respond to potential stressors with calm and clarity. (after clicking on the links, scroll down the page to the CD)

  1. StressLess – ocean sounds with embedded frequencies to help stay calm
  2. Well Being – frequencies embedded in a mountain stream to increase your feelings of peace, calm and overall wellbeing.
  3. Etheric Sweep (Karen’s favorite) – specific frequencies embedded in music with binaurals to assist in decreasing anxiety and panic attacks. If your workplace/home is highly stressful, play this in the background!

Why I don’t recommend calming music to be played in the background.
In an already active or chaotic or pressure driven environment, calming music will only serve to intensify that energy. And, if you have co-workers, forget trying to find music that everyone will like.

Also, music doth have charms to soothe the savage breast, but not always, and not in an already chaotic/pressured environment. It will not even assist many  people after the difficult day they have been in it for too long. The frequency of the relaxation music is too far from the hyped up energy of the listener.

On to sound therapy.  I have spent over a decade researching and acquiring combinations of specific frequencies that will target specific issues, like anxiety and digestion and ADHD. (see here for a full listing) 

And, nature sounds are in and of themselves healing. So the combination of specific frequencies in nature sounds are amenable to all and can be played at any level for effect

I do emphasize that your computer was built to be a computer not a quality audio player. That is why they are not sold in the audio department/store. If possible play our programs through some external speakers from your computer, a boombox, or headphones. Don’t settle for mediocrity!!! (another blog another time

Unfortunately for many people today, it is so easy to fall into unhealthy routines and beliefs. Following these simple suggestions can significantly put you on your way to leading your life with Grace, and out of the doctor’s office. 

FULL Listing of Stress Reduction Programs and how to purchase.