Are Bone Conduction headphones useful?

Are Bone Conduction headphones useful?

 Here are Some Facts:

  • The open ear/over ear design allows you to continue to hear sounds around you while listening to your music. Therefore, GOOD for bicyclists, runners, etc.
  • These are not designed for music lovers – the sound quality is just not there. So, BAD, for audiofiles.
  • Instead of speakers, these are tiny transducers that will vibrate.
  • They are less harmful than ear buds – GOOD
  • Renders voice material like pod casts really well.
  • Deaf and hard of hearing persons respond really well to these. Sound therapist Regina Murphy played our Etheric Sweep to a profoundly deaf young man who went ecstatic as he heard and felt the music! So, GOOD for those with hearing issues.
  • People with dementia and Altzheimer’s tolerate these better than headphones when using frequency programs like Altzeimer’s.

Are they useful for Musical Medicine Programs?
We bought several pair of the Aftershokz AS400  to experiment and test.

Our results show that these headphones increase the effectiveness of these Musical Medicine programs:
Bone Builder                        Etheric Sweep
Immunizer                            Oxygenizing Tones
Parkinson’s Nature               Resonance
Shoulder Repair                   Spinal Ease
Tuning Up

AND our NEWEST programs are designed specifically for BC headphones: 

HEART HEALTH is a set of frequencies to assist in decreasing the symptoms of congestive heart failure and arrhythmia. We also made a separate version for headphones and/or vibro acoustic device.
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DETOX ASSISTANT is a set of frequencies to increase the strength of already strong cells, decrease cravings, and stimulate the immune system and the process of ridding the body of toxins. Recommended for everyone for a yearly Spring clean out [I’m listening right now as I write this blog] and  especially for those with Altzheimer’s/dementia, Parkinson’s, obesity, cancer, liver issues. We also made a separate version for headphones and/or vibro acoustic device.

You can order our cds at:

Email Dr. Jonas for recommendations for your symptoms.