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Musical Medicine Product Reviewed:Spinal Ease
Spinal Ease Reviewed by:, Indiana

I am Randy Widick residing in South Western Indiana.  About a month and a half ago I received a special and powerful gift from a dear friend of mine Linda Rose of East Tennessee.  At first glance I thought oh no not one of those boring CD’s that Linda carries on about.  The gift was one of your sound healing technique CD’s, Spinal Ease.  I must be honest here; if it were up to me I would never have purchased or tried this method of healing on a simple CD.  Linda is one of those loving and caring individuals who genuinely care’s about her friends and their health, and for that reason alone I did as she instructed and listened to the CD Spinal Tap.  The results were phenomenal!

Allow me to give you some back ground on my previous condition.  I have had a nagging pain in my neck for years, which I decided was simply a part of the aging process and nothing could be done about it.  Six months ago the pain became unbearable, coupled with, pain in my right shoulder, tingling is my right arm and numbness in the first two fingers and thumb of my right hand.  Upon consulting my family doctor and submitting to an MRI of my neck, it was determined that I had two herniated disks in my neck.  I sent several weeks in physical therapy twice a week with no relief.  In fact, each time I went to therapy the pain grew worse for several days.  I later went to a Neurosurgeon to discuss surgery.  His news was not what I wanted hear.  I also have lung disease from chemical exposure.  The Neurosurgeon told me the disk problem was operable, but not on me because he was afraid I would not wake up from the anesthesia.  The alternative was to live out my life in pain, tingling, and numbness, until  things were so bad the risk of dieing would be worth the surgery.  You can probably imagine the depression that overcame my emotional well-being.  Thanks to Linda’s’ gift this all changed.

I began listening to the CD Spinal Ease, once or twice a day as time permitted.  I didn’t notice much of anything for about three days.  After that I realized the pain and tingling in my arm weren’t as frequent or severe.  In about a week feeling was returning to my fingers.  I’m not sure when the rest happened, but within three weeks I no longer had numbness in my fingers, the pain in my shoulder was gone, and the tingling in my arm was so infrequent I was totally amazed.  By the fourth week I had no symptoms at all.  I continued listening for one more week and have stopped.  I forgot to mention the Neurosurgeon also told me I had arthritis in my neck.  It has been weeks since listening to my powerful CD.  I have noticed a very slight pain in my neck if I sit at my computer for a prolonged period of time.  I think it is time to drop the CD in the player, don the head phones and listen again for a while.

I have not returned to my doctor for another MRI (I detest that machine).  I don’t see the need to waste any more money to find out my condition is much improved.  My symptoms are gone, I feel great, and can move forward with my life again thanks to the marvelous gift from my dear friend Linda Rose and the Spinal Ease CD provided by Dr. Jonas.
Sincerely & in good health