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Having Major Complications From the Chemo

Musical Medicine Product Reviewed:Oxygenizing CD
Reviewed by:, Las Vegas NV

A woman suffering from lymphoma on chemo was having major complications from the chemo.  For sure the cancer is not killing her but the treatments are.  Anyway she had just about given up because of breathing issues and infections from cancer “stuff”. I sent the Oxygenizing CD to her via people I met at the spa where I have the sound bed. They just played it in the air, not headphones and in 20 minutes her improvement changed everything.  She was standing up and walking on her own without a walker.

I believe the Oxygenizing CD saved my husband’s life on Christmas Eve (2009). He has moderate to severe chronic lung disease.  On oxygen. (5 bypass surgery in 06) Sat next to someone with a cigar. Got him home but could not get his oxygen back up or his heart rate stabilized.  put him on Nexneuro  sound lounge with your Oxygenizing CD and he’s been great.

I could see the difference in my husband last night.  He has never been able to relax unless he was asleep.  Not even to put his feet up or sit in a recliner.  Last night his body was not in “the pounce position” for the first time ever. Amazing.  Also his oxygen level is at an all time high using your Oxygenizing CD.  I think the other programs also contribute to that though.  No way to tell now because he has been using both. (PTSD & Oxygenizing)