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I Have Purchased Most Of Her Frequency CDs

Musical Medicine Product Reviewed:Muscle Ease
Muscle Ease Reviewed by:, Bethesda MD

I have purchased most of her frequency cds and wish there were more. I have had so much success in different areas using the frequencies. To begin with… Digestion is without doubt my fool proof remedy for any gastric distress. The first few times I got relief I attributed it to pure coincidence…I’m a born skeptic but am always willing to try new things. Well after using Digest aid countless times with success time after time I no longer doubt it’s effectiveness. I use it like other people use Pepto Bismol. I use the Oxygenizing frequencies before I exercise or when I’m just plain anxious and breathing improperly. I can feel my breathing slow down and get deeper.I love it. Muscle Ease and Spinal Ease have helped my dog tremendously. I use the cds via a vibroacoustic pillow and pump the sound into my dog’s body. He is so soothed by it.