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Frequency CD for Arthritis

Musical Medicine Product Reviewed:Arthritis
Arthritis Reviewed by:, CA

I am open to new ideas and when a friend told me about the frequency CD for Arthritis, I knew this would be something I would be willing to try. I have been dealing with severe arthritis in my body and,(taking three medications) for this condition, which I have been on for 10 years.After listening at night while I slept for 2 weeks, I decided to cut back on the MEDs to every other day, 2 weeks later as it seemed that I didn’t hurt as I had when I went without my medication for 3 day’s. On Sept 27th, I stopped my medications. I have been 17 days now without any medication at this time I know this is not a cure but I can function now without the MEDs. Before I could not have gone more than 3 days without them.