Musical Medicine

Featured Testimonial

Little Keaton was not crawling, walking, standing up, talking, or feeding herself at 17 months. Her mom had repeatedly told her Dr. about it, he finally sent her to a PT for an evaluation. She was told she had torticollis and therapy began. She was doing a little better and after 4 sessions the mom asked for a [...]

I used your Shoulder Repair CD,  on my shoulder where I had rotator cuff problems. I played it through the gel pillow right onto the shoulder. My shoulder burned like crazy! But when I was done, there was no pain in the shoulder any more!!! I just love it!      

Music to Mellow Your Mutt CD

I put on the CD Mellow Mutt for 2 anxious dogs and a cat and within 3 minutes all were laying down in front of the speakers calmly listening!


I’ve had Fibromyalgia for about 20 years and have lived on a variety of meds. I have been using the Fibromyalgia CD for vibro acoustic devices played through the NexNeuro lounger for about a month. I use it every night and find that my brain fog has disappeared, I sleep soundly and wake up with [...]

Restful Sleep

I must say that I LOVE the sleep CD [Restful Sleep] ! Tried it last night for the first time and was asleep before the guided meditation ended. Woke up once to go to the restroom, started the CD again and immediately went back to sleep. I did not toss and turn all night like [...]

Stress Less

Just bought the Stress less tape, and I felt an immediate change. So much so, I want to have it with me at work and at home. Drove in the car with it on (not the best idea). It was one of the few times I stayed in the slow lane, and I totally didn’t [...]


I am open to new ideas and when a friend told me about the frequency CD for Arthritis, I knew this would be something I would be willing to try. I have been dealing with severe arthritis in my body and,(taking three medications) for this condition, which I have been on for 10 years.After listening [...]