Musical Medicine

Oxygenizing CD

I use the Oxygenator (Oxygenizing CD) before I exercise or when I’m just plain anxious and breathing improperly. I can feel my breathing slow down and get deeper. I love it.

I had another absolutely incredible improvement today in my cardio from that O2 Frequency CD. I’ve been training for 4 months, just trying to go from a power walker to a runner. I’ve been doing cardio intervals of 1 minute run, 1 minute walk around a beautiful golf course near my home. The route is [...]

A woman suffering from lymphoma on chemo was having major complications from the chemo.  For sure the cancer is not killing her but the treatments are.  Anyway she had just about given up because of breathing issues and infections from cancer “stuff”. I sent the Oxygenizing CD to her via people I met at the [...]

I am LOVING the Oxygenizing CD and using it 2x daily. I’ve had some interesting, powerful dreams since using the CD at bedtime, plus sleeping more soundly and am experiencing much less anxiety. I believe that the oxygenizing CD has been the single most effective aid in treating my symptoms of adrenal exhaustion. I know [...]

My tones (Oxygenizing CD) seem to really help me breathe better. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t breathing well until I am listening to these tones.