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New Ways to use your Pillow Sonic

This portable pillow speaker strip is an excellent way to go to sleep with many of our programs. Here are some suggestions:

Restful Sleep Sound Sleeper Dreamland Cloudscapes
Sleeping through the Rain Largos Chakra Cleanse
Etheric Sweep Lyme Disease Respiratory Relief
ICU Aid Immunizer AutoImmune

You can find these programs HERE

Have you tried using your strip in these ways?

Put it ON PAINFUL areas of the body; these programs work well:

ICU Aid Knee Aid Menopause Mystic Realms
Miracle Chord Pain Relief Shoulder Repair TMJ


PETS! – Yes, place the strip up next to the pet or near. People have reported that these programs work especially well:

Animal Be Calm So Chord Spinal Ease



  • Natural Baby program – place pillow at head of crib
  • Premature Baby program – place next to the baby
  • Addicted Baby program – place next to the baby

You can find all of these programs and more  HERE