Musical Medicine

Sound Therapy CDs

The custodian came in for a blood pressure check.  I had one of the CDs playing and he said, “you should have that music piped through the whole school.” Good Stuff!!  

I have used two of the hemi-sync CDs and my patients have remarked how relaxed and how something seemed a “little different” with this massage. I got into a discussion with them about the music and one stated how many colors she was seeing during the massage, and another remarked having some really clear thoughts [...]

I have purchased all of Dr Susan Jonas CD’s and listened to them and let my family and friends listen to them. Listening to Dr Jonas voice and CD’s has such a healing and calming effect that at time I felt I want to listen to them again and again and benefit from it each [...]

I own an assortment of ten CDs produced by Suzanne Jonas and have found each to be a valuable and effective healing tool.

Muscle Ease

I have purchased most of her frequency cds and wish there were more. I have had so much success in different areas using the frequencies. To begin with… Digestion is without doubt my fool proof remedy for any gastric distress. The first few times I got relief I attributed it to pure coincidence…I’m a born [...]

I used your Shoulder Repair CD,  on my shoulder where I had rotator cuff problems. I played it through the gel pillow right onto the shoulder. My shoulder burned like crazy! But when I was done, there was no pain in the shoulder any more!!! I just love it!      

Music to Mellow Your Mutt CD

Our receptionist loves to play this CD, Music to Mellow Your Mutt CD, every morning in our clinic. She says it calms her and the clients coming in.  

Etheric Sweep

I used to wake up with full-blown panic attacks. When I use Etheric Sweep every night I don’t wake up with my usual anxieties.

So Chord

The day we tried it, So Chord CD, Lillie (dog) was very anxious, another dog and she were barking their heads off as was a cat in the cage above them. A huge thunderstorm let loose which Lillie is terrified of and the hospital has a sky light over the pets which made lot’s of [...]

Music to Mellow Your Mutt CD

I put on the CD Mellow Mutt for 2 anxious dogs and a cat and within 3 minutes all were laying down in front of the speakers calmly listening!