Musical Medicine
(this is NOT a vibro acoustic device)

ClearSound™ features two quality speakers in a non toxic clear PVD, non-allergic pillow that delivers crystal-clear sound at gentle, safe volume levels in stereo, throughout even the plushest pillows. The audio is of very good quality and it can be heard gently throughout the entire surface of your pillow, allowing you to turn and toss freely without missing a beat or a word.
ClearSound™ was developed on the basis that many listeners are not comfortable with headphones at night [and Musical Medicine does NOT recommend earbuds]. The speakers can be easily removed to clean and sterilize the housing. Makes this an excellent choice for hospitals and clinics.
Experience an incomparable soothing sensation. Slip a ClearSound in your pillowcase under your pillow. Connect it to your CD or MP3 player, radio, TV, radio/alarm clock, or other sound system... and relax in total comfort. There is space between the speaker pockets for your digital player. 
Recommended by professionals for stress reduction, to sleep better, mask tinnitus, for pain management, subliminal learning, and other therapeutic and leisure applications. Great for children and babies, too.
ClearSound™ can also be used as a cool compress that can be applied on the forehead or under one’s neck to treat headaches and migraines while listening to your favorite soothing sounds.
*To learn more about using your pillow speaker strip in new ways, click HERE.
(this is NOT a vibro acoustic device)
Crystal clear sounds delivered through stereo speakers embedded in a soft acoustic foam housing. Place in or under your pillow, next to your pet or baby, or on painful areas of your body.*
*To learn more about using your pillow speaker strip in new ways, click HERE.


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These headphones increase the effectiveness of these Musical Medicine programs:
Bone Builder                         Etheric Sweep
Immunizer                            Oxygenizing Tones
Parkinson’s Nature              Resonance
Shoulder Repair                   Spinal Ease
Tuning Up                             Heart Health
Detox Assistant

We recommend the Aftershokz AS400 Sportz 3
chargeable style [more powerful]

Do NOT get bluetooth since we do not have all the research data yet to see if bluetooth affects the brain negatively in this therapy.



Over ear Headphones – these do an excellent job of reproducing our highly specific frequencies

Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Headphones


Remember to THROW AWAY YOUR EARBUDS! they cause hearing damage.